In 1949, elements of the CIA’s Office of Policy Coordination began discussing the use of Radio Nacional de Espana (RNE) as a tool in the psychological warfare campaign against the USSR.  For example, a memorandum dated May 30, 1949, on the subject Radio Nacional Propaganda Broadcasts contained the outline of how to use RNE:

Information … indicates that Madrid is heard reasonably well in satellite areas.  If the Spanish Government, through proper covert arrangements, is will to place the facilities and broadcast time of the station as the disposal of (redacted), this would clearly open up the possibility of using Madrid as an operational outlet for broadcasts, whether sponsored by or accordingly produced by the U.S. Government. 

Assuming the broadcasts can be heard satisfactorily in the target areas and time and facilities could be made available to (redacted), it would seem there are four problems to be me

·               Cover for the operation.
·               Policy control.
·               Type of broadcasts in relation to audience reaction. 
·               A competent production organization.

This would prove to be the successful blueprint of the early Cold War symbiosis of RNE and CIA.  
Here is a summary of the broadcasts by CIA sponsored emigre groups over RNE: 

In future blog postings, we will look in some detail into how this all worked.

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