Fiscal Year 1960 Renewal Request

The current objective of the project is to use this organization 
to sponsor the production and distribution of written propaganda and for the conduct of PP (political and psychological) operations against the USSR and its nationals at home and abroad. The organization produces books, magazines, brochures, articles, leaflets, radio scripts and broadcast tapes and directs them toward the Soviet target.

The TsOPE agent at RNE (Radio Nacional de Espana) in Madrid got approximately 27 Russian scripts per month on the air, and he also supplied material for the Bulgarian, Estonian, and Latvian sections of RNE.

The natural cover provided by TSOPE’s status as a bona fide émigré organization, approved as a tax-free group by the West German Government, still applies

Fiscal Year 1961 Renewal Request

During the period 1 July 1959, through October 1960, the TsOPE Radio Section produced and forwarded 592 scripts to their Radio Rome contact and 649 scripts to their representative with Radio Nacional de Espana (an average of thirty-seven and forty scripts per month respectively). Seventy-two 15-minute radio programs were taped, sent to Taiwan, and transmitted over the Broadcast Corporation of China (BCC) facilities (approximately four a month). Of the scripts sent to Radio Rome, 297 were used, which, allowing for no reporting in two of the sixteen months involved, averages twenty-one per month.

Of the material furnished the TsOPE Madrid representative,

·      363
scripts were used by the Russian Section of RNE;
·      349 were translated and used by the Bulgarian Section;
·      96 by the Estonian Section;
·      7 by the Polish Section
·      7 by the Latvian Section
·      Twelve scripts were used as background by Russian Section members other than the TsOPE representative;
·      70 items were used in special Radio Espana broadcasts;
·      214 items were translated into Spanish and printed in the RNE foreign section bulletin; and
·      15 special programs were broadcast in the name of TsOPE
(one a month).
·      The TsOPE representative himself also made one broadcast.

In sum, the bulk of the Russian program of Radio Rome--outside of current news broadcasts--consists of TsOPE scripts and of other material derived from TsOPE periodicals and publications.

TsOPE RNE broadcasts are, according to the case officer, carefully conceived for the Soviet audience and directed toward specific objectives with definite principles; however, their effectiveness, the case officer adds, is limited by the inept content of most of the rest of the program. Both TsOPE representative and the Madrid Station are working toward the solution of this problem. 

Fiscal Year 1962 

The TsOPE Munich Radio Section produced approximately 1,000 scripts and 15-minute taped programs. The latter were broadcast by the BCC in Taiwan while the former served as a basis for approximately 21 broadcasts a month over Radio Rome and 50 Russia language broadcast monthly over Radio Madrid. At Radio Madrid much of the TaOPE material was also translated and used for broadcasts to Satellite countries.

In general, TsOPE’s contribution to Radio Rome and Radio Taiwan remained at the same level during FY 1961 as during FY 1960; however, an appreciable increase is noted in the amount of TsOPE material used at RNE. 

At RNE, however, the TsOPE Madrid Representative’s gradually increasing influence on the program content can be noted by the following figures on the radio’s use of TsOPE material:

                                                                                 FY1960           FY 1961

No. of Scripts sent from Munich to Madrid         489                  607
Russian Section Broadcasts                                277                  417
Bulgarian Section Broadcasts                             249                  350
Estonian Section Broadcasts                               81                   57
Polish Section Broadcasts                                   6                       6
Latvian Section Broadcasts                                 5                       2
TsOPE Broadcasts                                              12                    12
Items in RFE foreign section bulletin                 148                  292

At the moment, therefore, no serious or specific threat to the group's security is apparent. TsOPE operators, as members of an anti-communist émigré organization approved as a tax-free group
by the West German government, have a natural cover for their activities. CIA control of the organization is based on the group's complete financial dependence, but the witting members of TsOPE are, within their capabilities, willing and eager to accept all CIA guidance and help.


AEVIRGIL and TsOPE operations were terminated in the summer 1963. The reasons for termination were:

[T]SOPE’s usefulness has been superseded by events and because the CIA personnel and resources allotted to its support could now be used more effectively in other forms of CA (Covert Action) activity. In the past decade TsOPE's leadership has grown old. As their years in the West increased, their understanding of and appeal to the Soviet man has inevitably decreased. Internal dissension has arisen within the group; strategic members
have resigned either under pressure or voluntarily; and there are no new, fresh members of the emigration who can be readily found to replace the old. Many of the group's activities have been curtailed by lack
of personnel, budget reductions during recent years, or simply, external circumstances…Radio Rome ceased broadcasting in Russia…A review of AEV1RGIL production as reflected in renewals of past years indicates that the project did justify its existence and did serve for almost a decade as a mainstay in the total SR/CA (Soviet Russia/Covert Action) effort.  

The final figures of radio broadcasts for fiscal year 1962 were: 
  • 240 broadcasts over Radio Rome (prior to the time Russian-language broadcasting was discontinued); 
  • 1613 broadcasts over Radio Madrid (in Russian, Bulgarian, Estonian and Polish) 

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