Dr. Ivan Cikl died in Munich on September 17, 2015.  Below is an unedited google translation of his very interesting life, with a link to the original Slovak language obituary:

Editor, journalist, university lecturer and moderator Dr. Ivan Cikl was born in Ruzomberok (to be given also in Likavka near Ruzomberok) on September 10, 1929. He graduated high school in Ružomberská in 1947. Studies of Economics in Prague, he graduated in. In 1953 and received his engineer. Later he studied at Charles University in Prague, where he completed the Faculty of Law (postgraduate studies in International Law and Relations - topped doctor).
While studying in Prague in. 1953-58 worked as an editor in Czechoslovak Radio, and later as an editor in foreign trade ARTIA. Finally, he was employed as an editor of the Czechoslovak Television Prague (1960-68). In 1967 and during the "Prague Spring 1968" he became deputy editor of TV news. Then it was the updating and modernization of content and form of television news programs. He prepared and performed the test using a new foreign evening "news commenting," which began to restrict so-called political control. Central Administration print supervision.
The Soviet invasion interrupted the promising development of Czechoslovakia, Dr.Cikl was on vacation outside the country, and in this very complicated situation got an offer to work abroad. First it was the Norwegian foreign Institute in Oslo 1968-70 - research publication "The mass media and the Prague Spring in 1968".This was further increased by three months tenure Swedish Radio in Stockholm.
V r. 1970-77 he worked at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.Lectures and seminars, for example. Central and East European regimes - comparative studies; democratic traditions and dictatorship; mass media and political changes in Czechoslovakia. He has published articles and discussions in the mass media. Hong Kong University had one semester of lectures and seminars.Similarly, he worked in research and led seminars in Tai Pei Foreign Affairs Institute at Taivane.
In 1978-95 he worked for Radio Free Europe (RFE) / Radio Liberty, Munich (also known as Radio Free Europe). Commenting foreign and domestic events, doing reportage. For journeys in Polynesia he aired his long radio series. In 1989, he became assistant director of Czechoslovak broadcasting, and a year later co-directors of the program with special focus on Slovak problems. In January 1993, in connection with the political changes after more than 42 years of radio services, such activity was divided into two separate units, the Czech and Slovak broadcasts.Dr. Cikl became the first and also the last director of the Slovak broadcasting Free Europe from Munich. Two years of work were reduced RFE translated to Prague, and then canceled.
Dr. Cikl is a longtime member of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) based in USA. He was the founder and chairman of SVU in New Zealand, co-founder (more precisely, updatable) and long-term chairman of SVU - Germany.
Since inception (2011) was a member of the Literary Club in Ruzomberok writers. He was a prolific writer and author and co-author of several books.
For his work won several awards, among which the missing letter of thanks to President Bill Clinton from r. In 1994 for his contribution to democracy and international journalism. In 2010, he was at home in Ruzomberok, awarded by the Mayor of the town of Ruzomberok.
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