November 29, 2010

SpyCast Interview at Spy Museum about Cold War Radio

For anyone who wants to listen to the early history of Radio Free Europe and Radio Libery and learn some details from my book, here is information about my interview at the Spy Museum that was aired on August 1, 2009: "Richard H. Cummings served for fifteen years as Director of Security for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). He reviews the propaganda activities of RFE/RL during the Cold War and describes Soviet bloc operations against the stations, including the 1978 murder of RFE scriptwriter Georgi Markov in London, and the 1981 bombing of RFE/RL headquarters in Munich by the terrorist Carlos the Jackal."

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Acronyms      ix
Preface      1

1. Intelligence Underpinnings of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty      5
2. The 1950s: When the Cold War Was Hot      34
3. Piccadilly versus the Tramp: The Murder of Georgi Markov      58
4. Carlos the Jackal and the Bombing of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty      92
5. Revenge of the Chief Architect: Ceausescu’s War Against Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty      122
6. Code Name Iago: The Murder Attempts on Emil Georgeseu      146
7. Aggression in the Ether: Oleg Tumanov and Other KGB Agents      171
8. Alpha, Waves, and Hornets      198

Appendix A: East German Intelligence Report on Carlos      219
Appendix B: Action Plan in Noel Bernard’s Case, Code Name the Jackal      229
Appendix C: Detailed Plan Used to Bomb RFE/RL      234
Appendix D: Letter from Carlos to Johannes Weinrich      237
Appendix E: Stasi Report on “Separat”      239
Appendix F: Letter from Johannes Weinrich to Carlos      243
Appendix G: West German Annual Report Excerpts      254
Appendix H: 1992 SRI Report to RFE/RL      256
Appendix I: 1985 Romanian Ether Report      259
Appendix J: 1976 Joint Action Plan Against RFE/RL      264
Appendix K: Selected Summary of Threats, Intimidations, Contacts, Intelligence Cases and Notes      269
Chapter Notes      287
Bibliography      297
Index      301


"The Director of Security Radio Liberty for 15 years from 1980 onwards. Cummings’ experience as a Russian linguist serving in the US Air Force in Berlin in the 1960s places him in the perfect position to supply this examination. For anyone with even the slightest interest in the machinery of the Cold War, it’s safe to say that "Cold War Radio" deserves your attention"

"valuable...excellent"--Journal of Cold War Studies

"a shortwave radio thriller...takes readers deep inside a world that their casual listening to these shortwave stations would never have revealed"--Radio Heritage Foundation

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